Day Two – A day full of teaching and learning

There were a lot of options today. It’s always tough to choose. I see that Kenny has already blogged about a few of these. He described the content of the Keynote well. I agree completely with the statement that managers need to model leadership and, further, that “doing” should be part of leadership.

Of the other sessions I went to today, I’ll say that the work of the presenters demonstrates that librarian researchers are looking more and more to their students’ experiences. The focus of research is on trying to better understand what our students experiences are both in the library and beyond. Further, the focus is on providing services based on evidence of those experiences. Daniel tweeted that he saw an emerging theme about students looking to each other for help and that we should be thinking about how to help them help each other. Well said. We are only a part of our students’ academic lives. If we continue to focus on their needs, we can help more students have overall positive experiences in the short time they are with us. We can also be hopeful that they will leave our institutions with at least some of the key abilities they’ll need in their work life.

Thanks to Michelle for talking about The Social Side of Research and the PIL Project. I was glad to learn more about this aspect of research and was particularly interested in how research skills students acquire in college carry over into their work lives (and how some don’t). Thanks also to Sheree, Holly, and Mary (our Research Award winners from Claremont Colleges Library) for a peak into the daily lives of their students and how they deal with stress.

Tomorrow I’m off to a couple of IG Showcases and am looking forward to hearing what they have been doing and what they are contemplating for the future. Hope to see some of you there.