What makes for a great first night at conference?

The opening reception has become one of my favorite parts of conference. You might think that it’s the open bar. And , yes, that is inviting.  What really draws me, though, is the combination of a party atmosphere, being able to catch up with old friends (and new), and the intellectually stimulating conversations the poster sessions invoke.

Kudos to Allie, Brena, and Joseph for a great first night. Kudos also go to Ken and the rest of the Poster Session Review Team. I’m sure I am not alone in being impressed with the work of our colleagues and their passion for sharing their experiences. Ann, what a great idea using dogs to help students with stress reduction at finals. Matt and Melissa, your research on the parallels between research and writing processes was thought provoking. It was clear from all the posters that there are many ways to lead. Congrats to all the presenters for giving participants lots to converse about and ideas to take back to their institutions.