CARL Conference 2014: Leadership in Action

THEME: Leadership in Action

A supervisor who offers opportunities for librarians to spread their wings.  The Library Director who can make the difficult decision and then gracefully guide her library through changes.  The new librarian fresh out of school who fearlessly brings innovation to his first job. The Reference Librarian who provides guidance to her colleagues. A library faculty who drives the information literacy requirement in an Academic Senate committee.

Leadership exists in many ways and in many places in our libraries.  How can we continue to encourage, cultivate, and celebrate it?  And ultimately, what does it mean to you, your institution, and librarianship?

Conference Proceedings


Achievement Unlocked: Leading the Way to Innovation by Leveraging Game Design, Young Lee & Annie Pho

Changes: Discovering the Leader Within, Vang Vang & Gretchen Higginbottom

Choose Your Own Adventure: Developing and Assessing Online Library Instruction Modules, Crystal Goldman

Cultivating New Leaders: Revitalizing a Library Faculty Mentor Program, Samantha Godbey & Erin Rinto

Database Demolition: Exploding The Scope Of Information Literacy And Leading Through Pedagogy, Danial Ransom, Nicole Branch & John Jackson

How to Make Friends and Influence Students, Lorelei Sterling, Lisa Burgert & Alejandra Nann

Open to Debate: Open Education and the Library, Christina Mune & Ann Agee

The Library In The LMS: More Than Tools! Felicia Palsson & Megan Kinney

Transforming Knowledge Production: Decolonizing Information Literacy, Gretchen Keer & Jeffra Bussman


Invited Papers

An Intentional Conversation: Electrionic Resources and Your Library Patrons, Marie Kennedy

You're the Dean? An Inside View of an Early Career Librarian Turned Administrator, Pearl Ly



Are we there yet? Rev up your productivity with project management tools! Margot Hanson, Annis Lee Adams, Andrew Tweet, & Kevin Pischke

The Maker/Leader: Leading From The Middle Through Innovation, John Jackson, Young Lee, Cynthia Mari Orozco



Cultivating Tomorrow's Librarians: From Library Interns to Library Leaders, Lauren Kelley & Linda Carroll

Fifty Shades of Leadership (Or at Least a Dozen!), Hema Ramachandran & Kelly Janousek

From Staff To Librarian: How Informal Mentorship Supports The Next Generation Of Library Leaders, Kaela Casey & Laura Worden

Go Where The Students Are: Boosting The Library's Presence In The LMS, David Drexler

Gone To The Dogs: Piloting A Stress Reduction Program During Final Exams, Ann Hubble

L.E.A.Ding by Example: Bridging the Gap Between Old Wisdom and New Worlds, Jessica Davile Greene, Tiffany Chow & Patricia Smith-Hunt 

Managing Change - Leading Change: Pull Or Push?, Karen Kaufmann

Reference in Perpetual Beta - The Sonoma State University Experience, Nicole Lawson & Megan Kinney

The Roving Librarian: Beyond the Library, Doug Fruehling

Search And Compose: Exploring Parallels In The Research And Writing Processes, Melissa Browne & Matt Conner

Speed Data'ing: Expanding Roles through Peer Training, Susan Chesley Perry & Kerry Scott

Successfully Transferring Academic Liaison Departments: Promoting Subject Area Flexibility And Cross Training, Emily Chan, Yiping Sophia Wang, Adriana Poo


Research Into Practice

Activism As Leadership: Lessons From Occupy Library Workers, Lua Gregory & Shana Higgins

Faculty and Librarian Perspectives on Collaboration and Information Literacy in Higher Education: Implications for Leadership and Practice, Kimberley Franklin

Letting User Search Behavior Lead Us: An Analysis of Search Queries & Relevancy in USC's Web-Scale Discovery Tool, Beth Namei & Christal Young

Librarians Leading the Charge: Collaborating with Faculty to Design Evidence-Based Instruction, Sharon Radcliff & Elise (Yi-Ling) Wong

The Practicalities Of Cultural Competence, Katherine Becvar & Sarah Naumann

Rethinking The LibGuide Course Page: A Collaboration Of Two Minds Addressing The Three Instructional Areas Of Library, Research, And Writing, Annette Marines & Terry Terhaar

Who Do They Think We Are? Addressing Library Identity Perception In The Academy, Margot Hanson & Annis Lee Adams

Session Highlights