SEAL: Citizen Science: Collaborative Research, Community Inclusion

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Science Librarian
California State University, Long Beach
Cynthia Cohen
Science Collections and Instruction Librarian
Claremont Colleges Library
Kirsten LaBonte
Life Sciences Librarian
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Citizen science—scientific data collection coordinated by professional scientists and conducted by members of the general public through crowdsourcing—connects non-scientists and other interested volunteers to the processes of scientific research and data curation. The Science and Engineering Academic Librarians-South (SEAL-S) Interest Group proposes a presentation that describes citizen science and showcases specific projects that have benefited from a cost-effective and enthusiastic labor force of citizen scientists. The presentation will explore project development, community outreach, citizen training methods, data and collection management, and data quality control. By engaging user communities in citizen science projects, libraries can become more relevant within the scientific sphere—creating opportunities to advance scientific awareness and appreciation for the work behind scientific research, and building beneficial partnerships with professional scientists.



Members of SEAL-S will introduce the concept of citizen science and describe longer-term, ongoing success stories (such as those at Cornell Lab of Ornithology ), local projects (such as those at the California Academy of Sciences ), and online efforts (such as Galaxy Zoo ). In addition, SEAL-S plans to include two or more speakers who have coordinated specific citizen science projects or performed scholarly research about the impact and effectiveness of citizen science.


Science & Engineering Librarians - South (SEAL-S) is an interest group of CARL. We provide opportunities for professional development, education, and participation for its members and work with other California organizations in order to improve library service to the science and engineering academic and research community.


Date and time: 
Sat, 04/05/2014 - 3:45pm - 5:00pm


Morgan Hill [LL]