Motivating Library Employees



Doing more and more with less and with raises hard to be found, library leaders may find their workers stuck in a thankless position, at least as we see traditional forms of thanks in the workplace. This presentation will examine the current thinking on how to motivate employees in the workplace, including Daniel Pink's recent book, Drive, and translate them to a library audience. Attendees from any level in the library will learn easy ways beyond money to make their workers feel more appreciated, from the volunteer to the middle manager, to the dean/director or the board (or even how to motivate yourself!).


Adapted from a presentation made virtually to the Montana Library Association via Collaborate, the presenter will share with library leaders the reasons we need to motivate our workers (ranging from volunteers to students to even our boards or organizations' administrators) to put in efforts on our behalf in ways beyond money, and how to effectively do so. The presentation will take advantage of the online modality to interact with the audience via polls, chat and audiovisual materials. The presenter, an academic librarian with several years experience and research into middle management issues, will base her talk on current research into motivation issues, including a brief overview and discussion of Daniel Pink's book Drive. The talk will conclude with concrete takeaways for individuals in any level of the library, which can be put into action for immediate improvement, and incorporate time for discussion, questions, and sharing of ideas from the audience.